Archive of the Odd Issue #2 (The Masterpost!)

Dearest researchers,

Apologies for the delay on posting the website announcement for Archive of the Odd Issue #2: A Supernatural History! Finalization took longer than intended and we wanted to be sure all information was available.

Archive of the Odd is now available in both PDF and MOBI/EPUB versions! Full purchase links are on our Where to Buy page. The issue is complete with ten stories and over fifteen illustrations. Werewolves, killer birds, and creatures beyond the grave all make an appearance in stories that walk the line between humor, horror, and sincere reflections on modern life.

We hope you enjoy the stories and illustrations within as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Sincerest gratitude,

CM Baldwin

Story list:

Avoiding Yesterday Best Look- M. Maponi (illustrated by Karolina Mochniej/Art from Cards)

Birdwatching Notebook Found on a Colorado Trailhead- Gabrielle Bleu (illustrated by Rieroo)

Channelsea- Sarah Jackson (Illustrated by Toeken)

Community Posting Board- Ellen Edwards (Illustrated by Alina Gottbrecht)

Field Notes on the Strawberry Sentinel- B. Myers (Illustrated by Will Taylor)

Notes on a New Cephalopod by Ephraim T. Foxxe-Grace, Naturalist- Nik Sylvan

Okami in the Bayview- Mary Salome (Illustrated by DS Oswald)

The Recovered Files of Threnody Lane Elementary- Daniel Simonson (Illustrated by Renée Elizabeth Clarke)

Seventh Page of the Heartwell Gazette- Kiya Nicoll (Illustrated by Alina Wahab)

Water Babies as Causal Factors in Female Family Annihilation- Angela R. Eder

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