Story Directory

Directory for online stories, including Between the Shelves (Archive of the Odd original fiction), and From the Archives (public domain found-fiction stories).

All are listed in chronological order (oldest to newest) of posting.

Between the Shelves:

Final Sale of the Remaining Works of E. Cutler by Cormack Baldwin

Take Two in the Morning by EK Smith

In the City of Failing Knives by Tara Campbell

The Year’s Ten Best Blood Diseases by Rhonda Eikamp

An Excerpt from the 2022-2023 Molitor University Course Catalog by Dale W. Glaser

The British Mummy Kings by Matthew Goldberg

Excerpts From Notes On the Bag Game by Bryan Miller

From the Archives:

The Sea Thing by Frank Belknap Long

No-Risk Planet by Milton Lesser

The Polar Vortex by Malcolm Ferguson

Folks Used to Believe: The Dragon and his Kinsmen by Alvin F. Harlow