Archive of the Odd Issue #2 and Between the Shelves

Dearest Researchers,

We are excited to announce the lineup for our second issue and Between the Shelves for the coming months! The table of contents for the second issue is announced below. Focusing on the perils of naturalism (and the monsters it so often reveals), the full title is A Supernatural History, and our contributors promise to deliver! You can preorder the second issue alone or as a bundle with the first issue.

For Between the Shelves, we have three amazing authors lined up.

August 6- An Excerpt from the 2022-2023 Molitor University Course Catalog by Dale W. Glaser (promo attached, with image from TuendeBede! We will add promos to this post as they are released)

September 15- Issue #2 published!

October 1- The British Mummy Kings by Matthew Goldberg

November 5- Excerpts From Notes On the Bag Game by Bryan Miller

We cannot wait to share these stories with you. Thank you for being with us, perusing the Archives, and sharing the mysteries we uncover.

Sincerest gratitude,

CM Baldwin

Avoiding Yesterday Best Look- M Maponi

Birdwatching Notebook Found on a Colorado Trailhead- Gabrielle Bleu

Channelsea- Sarah Jackson

Community Posting Board- Ellen Edwards

Field Notes on the Strawberry Sentinel- B Myers

Notes on a New Cephalopod by Ephraim T. Foxxe-Grace, Naturalist- Nik Sylvan

Okami in the Bayview- Mary Salome

The Recovered Files of Threnody Lane Elementary- Daniel Simonson

Seventh Page of the Heartwell Gazette- Kiya Nicoll

Water Babies as Causal Factors in Female Family Annihilation- Angela R. Eder
Background is a library. Overtop is the text "An Excerpt from the 2022-2023 Molitor University Course Catalog by Dale W. Glaser. Interested in taking classes in library philosophy? Considering majoring in the archival arts? Peruse the Molitor University course catalog listings for the upcoming academic year and discover that running a library isn't just a job- it's an adventure!"

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