A(nother) Letter from the Archivist (Kickstarter campaign end!)

Dearest Researchers,

There are few things I can claim to do every day. This is not a job that lends itself to repetition, and I frequently find myself facing situations I have neither seen nor wished to see before. When one excludes these various and terrifying circumstances, three things remained. First, every day I check to ensure that all artifacts have remained in their dedicated areas, and return any that have not. Second, I assess the incoming documents from our (now defunct) sister institution and (occasionally defunct) researchers.

Lastly, I stop and thank whatever entity rules this world for you, the researchers of our dear institution. There has not been a day in the past month where I have not been amazed by your generosity and passion. There has not been a day in the past month where I have not been glad that you have entrusted your research to our care. In return for your trust, I dedicate myself to collecting and curating descriptions of the unusual and sometimes unknowable parts of this world.

Whether you are an intern, a researcher, one of our feared Board of Directors, or a victim of our archives (rest in the greatest peace possible given your fate) it is you who have made this institution what it is and what it will be. It is you have paid our arson team to remove our last standing competitor. It is you who has covered the funerary expenses for our last three interns, not to mention my predecessor. It is you who allows us to operate with the excellency we strive for and you deserve.

This coming January, after careful curation, we will release the documents you have requested of us. Until then, we will keep you updated on our process. We hope you will continue to support our archive in the future.

My sincerest gratitude,

CM Baldwin

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