A Letter from the Archivist

Dearest Researchers,

First, I would like to thank you for your interest in our humble archive. Second, I understand that most of you are more familiar with my predecessor, who has successfully completed his duties and since left the institute (may he rest in peace). Some may have heard rumors that I am lacking in certain qualities necessary for our field, such as lying, wheedling, and a penchant for violence. Due to the truth clauses of research communications, I can neither confirm nor deny these statements. I can, however, assure you that I shall be just as competent as my predecessor in curating this archive.

I understand the importance of this archive for so many in our field. We house and preserve the greatest number of esoteric documents in this hemisphere, and if our arson team succeeds, soon to be in the world. Traditional academic archives may fritter away resources on the letters of Emily Dickinson or some such drivel, but are unable or unwilling to properly file vitally important medical records of lycanthropy patients or the blueprints of cursed houses. Our team is dedicated wholly to rescuing these documents from the inane institutions that currently hold them.

As we continue to collect these documents, my team intends to improve digitization in order to increase ease of access. Some artifacts have unclear effects on advanced technology and thus will still need to be borrowed physically or visited at the site. Others, however, will soon be found on our archive’s website, archiveoftheodd.wordpress.com. If there are any items that require priority digitization for research purposes, please do not tell us directly. It frightens the documents and makes them more difficult to scan. Instead, vote for the subject matter using your research key and let us infer your needs.

Thank you,

CM Baldwin

Head Archivist

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