REVENGE ARC by Cat Voleur

Cover of Cat Voleur's novella Revenge Arc, showing a pair of disembodied, red lips sucking on the vein of a woodcut-esque heart, framed by the words 'Revenge Arc' and an ornate red border.

Deep web and toxic fandom collide in Cat Voleur’s novella REVENGE ARC, coming out August 1 from Archive of the Odd.

When controversial comic creator Riley Langdon is faced with an unimaginable crime committed in her name, she retreats from the spotlight she spent years seeking. But as media, fandom, and obsession churn, Riley’s story takes on a life of its own.

Voleur’s novella combines internet culture, true crime, and the consequences of what we create for a twisting, high-stakes thriller.

Print ISBN: 979-8-9884827-0-3

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